Damen Schelde Marine Services’ pit-stop service package is a plug-and-play solution for ship owners and superintendents looking for the most hassle-free way to obtain the spare parts they need for complete overhauls of ship engines and generators.


“We call it a ‘pit-stop’ arrangement,” says Jeroen Caris, DSMS Commercial Manager. “When a client needs to carry out an overhaul of major equipment, we supply them with a container full of every part and component that their (or our) engineers need to do the job.” Used parts go back in the container and will reconditioned to new again so they can go to the next engine or vessel in line.

This pit-stop concept takes after sales service to the next level. DSMS takes care of the entire process, from delivery logistics, inspections, reporting and inventory; all the way to picking up the container of used parts once the job is done. DSMS often drops off a container at one port and then picks it up at the ship’s next port of call. This allows the ship’s engineers to carry out the maintenance during sailing, thus keeping ship downtime to an absolute minimum.


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