Bollfilter spare parts from Damen Schelde Parts

Boll & Kirch is manufacturer from high quality industrial filters for liquids (for example oil and water) and gas. 
The Boll & Kirch filters are known as BOLLFILTER and are widely used by the maritime sector.

What makes Boll & Kirch a unique brand is the level of expertise and the solutions for filtration. 
Damen Schelde Marine Services can offer original(genuine) spare parts for the martime market. 

We can offer all relevant filters for your BOLLFILTER and wear and tear parts such as o-rings and gaskets, seals, screws, bolts, and many other small parts that may need to be replaced within certain time.

To help you accurate and fast we ask you to provide relevant filter type (find all types here below) and the item number as written in your parts catalogue.

Bollfilter automatic type

Damen Schelde Marine Services can provide support for the following Bollfilter automatic types:

  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.18
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.19
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.04
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.18.3
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.18.2 Heavy duty
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.72
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.64
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.21/6.22
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.46/6.48
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.03
  • BOLLFILTER automatic type 8.35


Bollfilter duplex type

Damen Schelde Marine Services can provide support for the following Bollfilter duplex types:

  • BOLLFILTER Duplex type 2.05.5
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex type BFD
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex type 2.04.5
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex type BFD-P HD
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex type BFD-P

Bollfilter simplex type

Damen Schelde Marine Services can provide support for the following Bollfilter simplex types:

  • BOLLFILTER Simplex type 1.12.2
  • BOLLFILTER Simplex type 1.03.2
  • BOLLFILTER Simplex type 1.78.1/1.58.1
  • BOLLFILTER Simplex type 1.65.1/1.53.1
  • BOLLFILTER Simplex type BFB-P

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