The essence of a diesel engine is the introduction of finely atomised fuel into the air compressed in the cylinder during the piston's inward stroke. It is, of course, the heat generated by this compression, which is normally nearly adiabatic, that is crucial in achieving ignition. Althoug the pressure in the cylinder at this point is likely to be anything up to 185 bar, the fuel pressure at the atomiser will be of the order of 1300 to 1800 bar.

There is a body of evidence to suggest that high injection pressure at full load confers advantages in terms of fuel economy, and also in the ability to digest inferior fuel. 

The very high standard of reliability and life now attained by modern fuel injection systems, notwithstanding their basic simplicity, belies a considerable achievement in painstaking research by fuel injection equipment manufacturers.

In essense Damen Schelde Parts supplies all necessary parts for a complete fuel injection line. Parts such as the injector, known as injector needle valves, nozzles, nozzle body, atomizer, fuel pump, plunger and barrel, fuel pipes also known as high pressure pipes can be supplied from stock point in Europe and Asia region.

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