The essence of a diesel engine is the introduction of finely atomised fuel into the air compressed in the cylinder during the piston's inward stroke. It is, of course, the heat generated by this compression, which is normally nearly adiabatic, that is crucial in achieving ignition. Although the pressure in the cylinder at this point is likely to be anything up to 185 bar, the fuel pressure at the atomiser will be of the order of 1300 to 1800 bar.

There is a body of evidence to suggest that high injection pressure at full load confers advantages in terms of fuel economy, and also in the ability to digest inferior fuel. 

The very high standard of reliability and life now attained by modern fuel injection systems, not withstanding their basic simplicity, believes a considerable achievement in painstaking research by fuel injection equipment manufacturers.

In essence Damen Schelde Parts supplies all necessary parts for a complete fuel injection line. Parts such as the injector, known as injector needle valves, nozzles, nozzle body, atomizer, fuel pump, plunger and barrel, fuel pipes also known as high pressure pipes can be supplied from stock point in Europe and Asia region.

Atomizers, nozzles and fuel injection parts for Wärtsilä, MAN B&W engines

In essence atomizers, nozzles are the same items but with a different name and are part of the fuel injection system from a marine diesel engine.

The fuel injection valve exist out of several parts such as nozzle holder, nozzle body, intermediate spindle, spring, o-rings, dowel pins nut and washers, retaining nut and inlet connector. As the fuel injection valve is an important part of the engine and these parts require to be overhauled within specific timeframes Damen Schelde Marine Services keeps items such as nozzle holder, nozzle body and other replacement parts in stock.

Fuel injection valve assembly for Yanmar and Daihatsu four stroke marine diesel engines

The layout from the fuel injection valve is in basic lines the same as the two stroke types but parts can be named differently and the looks and build up are slightly different. We can offer complete fuel injection valve assembly sets but loose parts can also be ordered according to the code book numbers. Think of nozzle assemblies, nozzle holders, nuts, spacers, seats, pins, springs, and O-rings.

Fuel pump and parts

To pump the fuel in to the engine via the atomizer there is the fuel pump with many parts that need to be overhauled every specific given amount of running hours.

Most common, stocked, requested and sold part is the plunger and barrel. At Damen Schelde Marine Services we have latest executions in stock with carbon coated plungers. The coating is suitable for LSMGO (Low Sulphur Medium Gas Oil) and can handle the temperature better than other coatings.

Not only we are specialized in plunger and barrels but also other related fuel equipment are part of our supply program. You can request nut, screw, spring guide, suction valve, thrust piece, sealing ring, puncture valve, gasket, O-rings, discs, and many other items to overhaul the fuel injection pump from a marine diesel engine from the brand Sulzer, Wärtsilä, MAN B&W, Yanmar and Daihatsu.

Fuel equipment is one of the most important parts in the engine of a marine diesel engine and provides the right amount of fuel that is needed to perform a correct combustion in the engine.

The function of the fuel injection system is to provide the right amount of fuel at the right moment and a suitable condition for the combustion process. Therefore there must be some form of metered supply, a means of timing the delivery, of atomization and distribution of fuel.

Standard pump system

In the pump-line-nozzle or “Jerk pump system” the fuel is metered and raised in pressure by a separate fuel pump for each cylinder. The pump is timed to fore the fuel through the injector into the cylinder at the appropriate moment.

Common rail system

In the Common rail system a single pump supplies fuel at high pressure to a common manifold feeding the cylinders. Injection of the fuel to each cylinder takes place through a fuel valve operated from the camshaft which releases a metered amount of fuel into each cylinder at the instant it is required.

In the world of marine diesel engines we know two types of injectors.

F.O.P. injectors that are known as Fixed Opening Pressure design and V.O.P. injectors that are known as Variable Opening Pressure design.

FOP injectors represent the majority of used injectors. This is the basic design. The setting of the opening pressure is made during production. If the opening pressure changes during the lifetime of the injector it needs to be dismantled.

VOP injectors are less common used and allow to modify the opening pressure acting on the preload of the spring without the need to open the injector.

However it requires to have external access to the setting screw and. A different fuel line design inside the injector body is also required to allow proper volume for setting screw.

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