O-rings, gaskets and sealing sets from Damen Schelde Parts are suitable for marine diesel engines. 

O-rings are placed between two parts to prevent passing fluids and gasses. It is an efficient sealing element for static and dynamic applications. In the maritime industry O-rings, also named gaskets or sealings, are the most commly used seals in the world because they are effective, economical and easy to use and replace when they are worn.

As the O-ring is a simple but effective sealing concept there are many factors to take into account when selecting the right seal for the specific application.

Damen Schelde Parts delivers according many different sizes and tolerances and produced in different raw materials.

Often seen materials are: NBR (Nitrile), EPDM, VMQ (Silicone) and FKM (Viton)

The selection of the right material is crucial for the appropriate application of an O-ring. Damen Schelde Parts has all basic materials available with more then 100 rubber compounds. Our specialist can advise you with making the right choice. 

Damen Schelde Parts intends to supply according the makers specification or better. In some cases a material is upgraded due to life time. In that case we can offer the standard execution O-ring or a better alternative made from a material that has better characteristics 


Need advice? Just ask our product specialists.

As former Sulzer licensee producer we have a wealth of knowledge about marine diesel engine parts. With more then 140 years of experience in spare parts our specialists will give you the best possible service and are happy to offer excellent professional advice!

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You'll find everything you're looking for in our parts catalogue, from cylinder liners and cooling jackets, cylinder covers and fuel equipment. Our 30 product specialists are happy to give you personal advice, so you always find the best solution with the best price. 


In some cases it is necessary we need support and confirmation according technical files or are executions related to other parts that are present in an engine. That's why we can ask for more information in order to offer the parts you need. Once we have locked in the correct part we store it in our database so we never have to ask you again.