Sulzer - Wartsila cylinder liner for diesel engine

Having been the first licensed manufacturer of Sulzer main engines, also known as Wärtsila engines, Damen Schelde Marine Services has accumulated almost 90 years of experience. Through the “online connection” between our sales offices and main office, standard enquiries can be answered within 24 hours. With stock of almost 100% of all wear parts, together with our in-house forwarding department Maritime Logistics BV, urgent deliveries can be arranged immediately. Parts can be supplied from our warehouses in Vlissingen (the Netherlands), Shanghai (China) and Singapore.

As we have previously produced most wear parts for marine diesel engines we know the importance of quality and source OEM quality from our manufacturing and supplying parties and inspect all parts before they enter our stock. This ongoing process makes us supply a reliable quality.

Today we supply parts and services for the following engine brands:

Sulzer / New Sulzer Diesel 






Aventics pneumatic parts

As part of Emerson Automation Solutions, AVENTICS is one of the world’s leading product brands for pneumatic components and systems. The pneumatic engineering brand provides products and services for industrial automation, as well as the food, packaging, medical, and energy technology industries. For our pneumatics brand, we also develop solutions for the commercial vehicles, marine, and railway technology sectors.

By integrating electronics, the use of state-of-the-art materials and focusing on machine safety and the Internet of Things (Industry 4.0), AVENTICS is a pioneer in applied and environmentally-friendly solutions. AVENTICS is preparing for the future by expanding its approach to digitalization.

Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic parts

Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of certified products, assemblies and systems for all kind of marine applications, both on deck and below deck. The different technologies – hydraulic, mechanical and electric – or combinations of these, enable us to supply the best drive and control solutions to our customers from a single source. Stay on course with reliable, robust and certified products from Bosch Rexroth. We move, you win.

Over the years, Damen Schelde Marine Services has become an expert in the field of engine pneumatic spare parts. We offer our clients a complete scope of Wabco-Westinghouse valves and repair kits from stock. A senior Service Engineer is available for troubleshooting and repairs. With 70 years experience as an OEM Sulzer engine manufacturer, Damen Schelde Marine Services has a fully detailed documentation of the entire engine configuration.
We know which repair kits are needed for your engine components. We can recognize the relevant parts from the original Wabco numbers, the engine code numbers or even with the item numbers from the schematic layout. During the years, we have built an almost complete Wabco Nabco cross-reference list, even for MAN B&W engine types we have a growing database of its plate-part numbers.