Like Daihatsu, Yanmar diesel is a profilic Japanese producer of high speed and smaller medium speed engines for genset and propousion drives. It's medium speed propulsion engine programma includes the S185, M200, M220, T240, T260, N260, Z280 and N330 series, the designation signifying the bore size in mm. Most are built in six-cylinder in-line form, with the larger bore models also offering an eight cylinder version as well.

Development goals pursued by Yanmar to benefit the designs included enchanced compatability with heavy fuels and strengthened but lighter cylinder blocks, bedplates and cylinder heads to lower overall engine weight. A compact and leightweight reverse-reduction gear and compact arrangement of turbocharger and air cooler contribute to reduced overall engine length and height. Measures to ease engine installation and servicing are also cited. 

Large inspection windows on both sides of the cylinder block facilitate dismantling and reassambly of the main bearing and connecting rod. All pumps and filters are arranged above engine installation level to simplify acces. Full power take-off is available from the front of the engine.


Unburdening the client means supplying parts and having spealism in main and auxiliary engines. Damen Schelde parts has gained a specialism for Japanese marine diesel auxiliary engines over the years. As of today we stock most wear and tear parts for the following Yanmar marine diesel engine types.

All stock and non-stock items are are checked by our in-house quality department and therefore you may thrust we supply a premium quality part suitable for your Yanmar engine.

Yanmar EY18

Yanmar EY22

Yanmar EY26

Yanmar N18

Yanmar N21


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Stephen gained his knowledge on the sea by working with and repairing marine diesel engines. He is specialized in Japanese build and four stroke engines. Stephen is involved in manufacturing, purchasing and quality control. 

Complete package

Besides main engine parts Damen Schelde Marine Services is specialist in engine parts for auxiliary engines. In our scope of supply are the Yanmar auxiliary engine types.

Yanmar engines are often used as auxiliary engines and Damen Schelde Marine services is specialized in the field of original equipment manufacturer parts for this type of engine as well as reconditioning of these engine parts.

You can inquire and order original engine equipment spare parts for Yanmar diesel engines with Damen Schelde Marine Services. Most parts are available from our large stock and can be available within 24 hours. If you are not sure which parts your need please feel free to contact us with the model from your engine. It's that simple to help and advise you within a short timeframe.

Parts in our programme:

  • Cylinder head assembly
  • Valve rotator assembly
  • Cylinder liner assembly
  • Main bearing assembly
  • Air cooler assembly
  • Fuel parts for Fuel injection valve, Fuel feed pump
  • Fuel pressure regulating valve and accumulator
  • Fuel oil filter



  • Fuel oil pipe system
  • Governor driving device
  • Starting motor
  • Starting air pipe system
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Air piston
  • Gauge board & pressure