history from Damen Schelde Marine Services

A rich heritage

A long history has brought us a lot of opportunities and many good things. 

Having been the first licensed manufacturer of Sulzer main engines, Damen Schelde Marine Services has accumulated over 90 years of experience. With our stock existing of almost all wear and tear parts we can offer a high service level.

How it started

Mr. Arie Smit founded in 1875 the yard in Flushing. He started with 17 employees  but throughout the years the company grew to a company the whole province "Zeeland" relied on. De Schelde became much more than a yard, besides the new building of marine diesel engines there where also produced boilers and turbines, a separate aluminium production line was set up and a department for gears and machines. In Flushing-East shiprepairs were performed.

De Schelde was the first license holder from the engine brand Sulzer, therefore they produced enormous marine diesel engines. De Schelde was a technical high grade and innovative company. The design department was equipped with a large number of engineers. Cylinder jackets and liners where moulded in the own foundry and gear wheels and boilers where designed and produced.

In 1965 a fusion with the Rotterdam Droogdokmaatschappij was a fact and in 1971 shipbuilder Verolme merged within de Schelde. In 2001 de Schelde was taken over by the Damen Shipyard group.

As Damen Schelde Marine Services we can say: Service is not only in the name.

With over 140 years of experience we believe that by doing things a simple as keeping your promise, and only do what you can do well we have set a standard within the industry. Now, with all new regulations, transitions and globalization we understand that you are looking for one trusted party to turn to for your supply chain solutions. We even included it in our mission:

Damen Schelde Marine Services aims to be the most reliable, independent supplier for premium quality marine diesel engine parts. Damen Schelde want's to unburden the client completely.

In order to accomplish the above we will exceed clients expectations where service, efficiency and knowing our customer is key and will be put central.