To expand our services with common used and requested types we also offer exchange based parts. That means that specific engine parts we can supply new and recondition the used parts and keep them on stock as a service.

The parts can be stored in one of our warehouses so upon demand we can ship the reconditioned items within a short time frame.

This exchange system ensure that there is short downtime so the customer regains quick mobility. With our dedicated inhouse forwarding department we can ship en exchange parts fast and smooth. 

We offer exchange based parts for: cylinder heads, cylinder liners, fuel pumps, plungers and barrels, spindle guides and fuel nozzles. 

Need advice? Just ask our product specialists.

As former Sulzer licensee producer we have a wealth of knowledge about marine diesel engine parts. With more then 140 years of experience in spare parts our specialists will give you the best possible service and are happy to offer excellent professional advice!

Contact us by email, our contact page, via chat or whatsapp.


You'll find everything you're looking for in our parts catalogue, from cylinder liners and cooling jackets, cylinder covers and fuel equipment. Our 30 product specialists are happy to give you personal advice, so you always find the best solution with the best price. 


In some cases it is necessary we need support and confirmation according technical files or are executions related to other parts that are present in an engine. That's why we can ask for more information in order to offer the parts you need. Once we have locked in the correct part we store it in our database so we never have to ask you again.