At the beginning of 2020, as Damen entered a new generation and position itself towards the future, we took steps to implement an effective CSR strategy, imbedded across the business and aligned with our corporate strategy.

We invest in CSR for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure regulatory compliance of our operations and solutions

  • To better serve our clients and financial partners

  • To remain an attractive employer

  • To protect our company and our world for the next generation.

We believe that a key part of CSR lies in transparency. As part of this, we publish annually a full report on our activities in relation to social, economic and environmental responsibility.

The latest edition can be found here


In line with Damen’s ambition to become the most sustainable maritime solution provider in the world, we have chosen to endorse the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We believe that we can positively contribute and make a difference, directly and through our supply chain.

SDG 3: Good health and well-being


Protecting the health of our people and communities.

In our operation, safety and well-being of personnel is paramount. The Damen Shipyards Group has robust processes in place to ensure incident avoidance and control of hazardous material. At Damen Schelde Marine Services we had zero incidents the past year. It is important to provide optimal working conditions for our employees and the people working on our behalf to ensure sustainable employment. Systems are in place to minimise the risk of ill-health for our employees. These include controls regarding chemicals and bans on prohibited substances and those that aim to stimulate good health


Damen employees are part of the Damen family, we care about them and make it our mission to ensure they can work in a safe and healthy environment.

SDG 4 : Quality Education

Providing the skills, knowledge and opportunity to create a sustainable organization and influence the people around us.

As well as cooperating with educational establishments to provide students with learning opportunities. Damen offer on-the-job training throughout the group.


The Damen Shipyards Group has over 12.000 people directly under our scope of influence and we believe that we can get the best out of them if we provide the right knowledge, competences and opportunities for personal development. Working with the future of the maritime industry and promoting our sector is also a priority to ensure our sustainable future. Accordingly, at Damen Schelde Marine Services we provide internship opportunities.

SDG 5 : Gender Equality

Increasing equality in the maritime world.

The Damen Shipyards Group is committed to gender equality in terms of hiring, career development and salary scales, at all levels of the organization.


The maritime industry is still influenced by a man-only past, but creating the right team for the job means diversity and equality. We believe that bringing more diversity in our teams, everywhere, will help us grow and improve.

SDG 8 : Decent work and economic growth


Developing a strong and compliant organization, through our supply chain.

We are committed to providing good working conditions, fully compliant with international regulations, wherever we operate around the world.


As a maritime solution provider, we see ourself as part of the chain. As such, to become more sustainable we need to commit ourselves to transparency and compliance, and to ensure our partners and comakers are adhering this.


SDG 13 : Climate Action

Optimizing our processes to avoid waste, limit water consumption and reduce C02 emissions.


Our activities can have a direct impact on climate, therefore we need to ensure that we have systems in places that limit our impact to the absolute minimum. We take into consideration all the processes that can influence the climate. Our operations and facilities continually work to reduce their emissions by adopting best practices to reduce their environmental footprints.