Overhaul, reconditioning and service

DAMEN Schelde Marine Services (DSMS) has launched overhaul and testing service for an injection control unit (ICU) and VCU, extending its range of services for Wärtsilä and RT-Flex two-stroke engines. This development marks a premium quality ICU or VCU overhaul and testing available. 

Beside ICU and VCU services we can as well assist you with: 

  • Reconditioning of piston crowns and cylinder covers
  • Reconditioning of MAN FIVA, ELFI & HPS valves overhaul (for ME-C and ME-B engines)
  • Reconditioning for 4-stroke engine parts such as piston, pistonheads, valves and fuel equipment
  • Electrical motor servicing and overhaul
  • Steelworks
  • Reconditioning from (Woodward) governors

Finished work

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