15 Years of ‘marriage’ between Damen Schelde Marine Services (DSMS) and Schelde Marine Services Hellas (SMS)

DSMS and SMS are looking back on a successful period of 15 years, but, actually, the basis for its cooperation was laid well before then. “I remember very well the first project we did with DSMS,”, Mr. Nikolas Niarchos (Director of SMS Hellas) says. “It was already back in 1993, the 4th of April to be exact, two Sulzer RLB66 cylinder liners. As the licensee of Sulzer, every company knew DSMS in Greece and wanted to work together with them. Over the next ten years the foundations were laid for my company to become Schelde Marine Services and part of the Royal Schelde Group.”

“And look where we are today,” Mr. Jeroen Caris (Sales Manager Europe) adds. “With our office in Piraeus we are right in the heart of shipping. With our dedicated sales team we’ve worked so hard to become the supply chain specialist we are today. Through our roots and technical knowledge, which dates back over 140 years, we can honestly say we have made a great mark here in Greece. With our well known scope of supply of premium quality marine diesel engine parts combined with extensive stock in the Netherlands, Shanghai and Singapore we have created an unique place in the market. And this is just a small part of our scope. We build everything around strategic relations. We know that in this day and age the clients am for peace of mind. Quality, stock and delivered yesterday. That’s why we are always prepared to go the extra step and beyond. We are always looking at the complete picture.”

Above all, DSMS is never sitting still and continuously keeps developing itself. Mr. Arnold Suykerbuyk (Managing Director of DSMS) is focusing on continuity and the digital revolution to further ease the burden of its clients and to make DSMS ready for the future. Keeping all parts in stock at strategic locations around the globe, in order to comply with 2020 IMO regulations, DSMS and SMS also proactively inform and advise clients about the upcoming Sulphur Cap. Starting in 2019, DSMS is also one of the first to develop a sophisticated e-commerce platform integrated with their new website damenscheldeparts.com. From 2020 it will provide live information about stock levels, prices, readiness and shipments, but also will be able to connect and communicate with the maintenance and procurement platform of their customers. Adding up all of the above, we can honestly conclude that DSMS is ready for the future.

Damen Schelde Marine Services and its employees want to say a special thank you to the SMS Hellas team, who as well as being colleagues have also become friends and have contributed greatly to its success the last 15 years. Amongst having over 900 clients in more than 60 countries, Greece will always have a special place within the heart of the DSMS family.