As Damen Schelde Naval Shipyard have build many marine fregates such as the L-, M-, and S-, frigates many parts have been categorized and listed as the former Schelde group, acting as Damen Schelde Marine Services nowadays, has the duty to supply spare parts for these frigates.

Within our Damen Schelde Marine Services company we have all detailed technical files such as drawings, markings, dimensions and materials. This database helps us on daily basis to provide spare parts for the countries that own the L-, M-, and S-, frigates these days such as:

  • Belgium,
  • Chili
  • Greece
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Portugal

All available spare parts are listed according NATO stock numbers.

NATO stock numbers explained

NATO Stock Number, or National Stock Number (NSN) as it is known in the US, is a 13-digit numeric code, identifying all the 'standardized material items of supply' as they have been recognized by all NATO countries including United States Department of Defense. Pursuant to the NATO Standardization Agreements, the NSN has come to be used in all treaty countries. However, many countries that use the NSN program are not members of NATO (e.g. Japan, Australia and New Zealand). A two-digit Material Management Aggregation Code (MMAC) suffix may also be appended,[1] to denote asset end use but it is not considered part of the NSN. In the United Kingdom it is known as a Domestic Management Code (DMC).

Danfoss pressure transmitters

A pressure sensor is measuring a pressure which then is converted into a signal (electrical or pneumatic). The majority of all pressure sensors work the same way. They measure the deflection or displacement of a diaphragm or membrane that is acted on by force and convert the amount of deflection into this signal. They differ in the materials used to construct the diaphragm and how the detection is measured. The two most common principles are resistive pressure measurement and captive pressure measurement. Absolute, relative or differential pressure can be measured