More and more vessel owners, technical management companies, and superintendents switch from genuine engine spare parts to high quality alternative parts from DAMEN Schelde Marine Services. That is because these days there are well affordable parts with a premium quality level available in the market. Popular engine types that are widely used are Yanmar engines. Yanmar EY series and Yanmar N series:

From the year the production started until now many parts have been freely available on the market and for sure our scope of spare parts that are suitable for Yanmar EY18, EY22 and EY26, N18 and N21. interesting products that are often replaced during service and overhaul.

This is the perfect time to challenge DAMEN Schelde Marine Services with your spare part request.



Cylinder liners for Yanmar EY22

Cylinder liner Yanmar EY22

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Pistons for Yanmar EY22

Piston Yanmar EY22

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Nozzles for Yanmar EY22

Nozzle Yanmar EY22

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Connecting rod bolts Yanmar EY22

Connecting rod bolt Yanmar EY22

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Yanmar EY22 spare parts

Need Yanmar EY22 spare parts?

We are thrilled to help you with finding the right parts that are suitable for your Yanmar EY22 engine.

What quality does Damen supply

All our spare parts are suitable for Yanmar EY22. Because we are former Sulzer (New Sulzer Diesel) licensee holder we have gained a lot of technical knowledge and know-how about RL, RD, RND, RTA and RT-Flex engines. The last 20 years our scope succesfully expanded to four stroke engines as well. In fact we state our quality as in our general conditions as follows: We supply the product in the form of an original equipment part, original equipment manufacturer part of non-OEM part whilst ensuring that the product meets the specifications and is of a high quality standard. All our products are always free of any asbestos material.

Delivery solutions from Damen

Availability is always important for you as a customer but do not forget about lead time, transit time and where your vessel is at when it requires spare parts. At DAMEN Schelde Marine Services we always check where we have stock with the shortest lead time and bring solutions to the table so you can also compare on shipping costs and transit time.

We have stock points in Vlissingen (EU), Singapore (SG), Shanghai (CN) and Busan(KR).  Besides that we work with our in-house forwarding department called Maritime Logistics.

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A sustainable and environmental friendly solution

The shipping industry is constantly on the move to seek better solutions for the environment. Also DAMEN Schelde Marine Services is willing to contribute. As we are relying on our suppliers and manufacturers to improve on spare parts that can work with new types of fuel and oil that are better for the environment. As for shipping parts to anywhere over the worlds, since this year (2022), we work with sustainable packing(FSCA approved wood as much as possible, there are plans to make this 100% FSCA approved)

  • The plastic we use is made from 50% recycled plastic
  • The carton boxes we use are 100% recyclable and 70% recycled material
  • The fill-up material we use is 100% paper and fully recyclable
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Solutions from Damen Schelde Marine Services

  • Sustainable and ecological supplier
  • Safe solutions for your engine
  • Premium quality 
  • Latest specifications on parts
  • 100+ years of knowledge
  • Warranty
  • Class certified items (if applicable)
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Our heritage

Damen Schelde Marine Services has a long history in Sulzer engines. In 1918 "De Royal Schelde" was the first company to build Sulzer engines under license. As "De Royal Schelde" we have build many engines such as Sulzer RL, RD, RND, RND-M and RTA.

Sulzer, New Sulzer Diesel, Wärtsilä, CSSC & WinGD

In 1985 the assembly from engines stopped and until the year 1990 "De Royal Schelde" Machinefactory produced spare parts for the engines. In November, Sulzer set up a separate company named New Sulzer Diesel Ltd.

In 1997 New Sulzer Diesel ltd. merged with Wärtsilä Diesel Oy. This company was named Wärtsilä NSD Corporation which became later Wärtsilä Corporation.

The year 2015 Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd. merged with China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and was renamed Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD). In 2016, Wärtsilä sold it's remaining shares of WinGD to CSSC making that CSSC fully owned WinGD.

De Royal Schelde and DAMEN Schelde Marine Services

In the year 2000 DAMEN Shipyards aqcuired "De Royal Schelde" and all it's companies within "De Royal Schelde". Also "Schelde Marine Services" was bought and renamed DAMEN Schelde Marine Services now.

Since 1990 when production in our facility in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, stopped Schelde Marine Services continued the relations with Original Engine Manufacturers and all other possible high-quality suppliers all over the world. We stock many spare parts for Sulzer engines we have build but also expanded our scope of supply to Wärtsilä RT-Flex engines as we have all technical knowledge available in-house.

Still we strive to meet this high quality we always used to deliver. DAMEN Schelde Marine Services is ISO:9001:2015 and is working hard to be ISO:14000 as well.