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Vertical worm shaft

Valve rotator

Valve operating device

Valve group for starting system on bearing housing

Valve group for reversing interlock

Valve group for auxiliary drive unit

Valve gear

Turning safety switch

Turbocharger fitting

Transmitter for remote rotation indication

Transmitter for remote load indication

Torsiograph drive

Tie rod

Thrust bearing

Tachometer drive

T/C Lubricating oil piping

T/C Lubricating oil filter fitting

T/C Lubricating oil filter

T/C Cooling water piping

T/C Cleaning piping

T/C Cleaning nozzle

T/C Cleaning blower syringe

Starting valve

Starting control valve

Starting air rotary valve

Starting air piping

Start & change switch box

Shut-off valve for starting air

Seal pot

Safety valve

Safety cut-out device

Rotation direction safeguard

Rocker arm

Reversing valve

Reversing mechanism

Remote transmitter drive

Remote thermometer

Regulating linkage

Pulse sensor fitting

Pressure switch and pressure transmitter

Pressure retaining valve

Pressure gauges

Pressure gauge piping

Pneumatic manoeuvring unit

Piston cooling

Pinion shaft

Pick-up transmitter drive

Overspeed transmitter

Outer casings and doors

Oil pressure jack

Oil pan

Nozzle holder

Mist piping & drain pipe

Measuring instruments on engine

Main starting drive

Magnetic valve fitting

Lubricating oil thermostat valve

Lubricating oil strainer

Lubricating oil relief valve

Lubricating oil pressure regulating valve

Lubricating oil piping

Lubricating oil filter

Lubricating oil feed valve

Lubricating oil check valve

Linkage for auxiliary manoeuvring stand and reversing valve

Level switch & fitting

Junction box & fitting

Intermediate wheel for camshaft drive

Intercooler fitting


Intake and exhaust tappet

Idle gear

Hydraulic piping

Horizontal worm shaft

High pressure pipes

Heat box


Handle switch

Guide bar for crosshead

Governor link

Governor driving device

Gearing for auxiliary drives

Gear wheel on camshaft

Gear case

Gauge board


Fuel valve

Fuel suction and spill piping

Fuel shut-off cock

Fuel shutdown & control piston

Fuel pressure pipe

Fuel oil relief valve

Fuel oil piping

Fuel oil injection device

Fuel oil filter fitting

Fuel oil filter

Fuel oil feed pump fitting

Fuel oil feed pump

Fuel oil block

Fuel injection pump pinion feed oil pipe

Fuel control cylinder fitting

Fuel control cylinder

Fuel and hydraulic actuator pump

Fresh water pump


Flow observation box for piston cooling

Flow observation box

Exhaust pipe

Exhaust manifold cover

Exhaust manifold

Engine side cover

Engine frame safety valve

Engine frame

End cover

Door for columns

Disengaging device

Cylinder lubricating pumps drive

Cylinder head cover

Cylinder block

Cut-out servomotor


Cooling water thermostat valve

Cooling water piping

Cooling water bypass valve & fitting

Control switch

Control station

Control panel

Control magnetic valve

Control elements

Control air supply

Common rod

Column covers

Check valve

Charge air receiver


Cam shaft bearing


Bearing oil pressure monitoring

Bearing housing for camshaft drive

Balancer shaft


Balance weight

Aux. machinery gear

Automatic back washing lubrication oil filter

Arrangement of turbocharger

Arrangement of thermometer

Arrangement of probes for scavenge air temperature measuring

Air motor & Fitting

Air cooler


Governor and booster

Crosshead and guide shoe

Fuel oil leak off switch

Air piston

Fuel oil strainer

Turning device

Governor driving gear

Valve mechanism

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