DSMS and Nedstack to Build Maritime Logistics and Pit-Stop Service Network for Maritime Fuel Cell Power Solutions

VLISSINGEN and ARNHEM – The transition towards zero-emission shipping is not only about delivering a new generation of clean technologies. It is just as much about providing the logistics and service networks and regimes that the maritime ecosystem needs to continue operating within strict requirements of uptime, reliability and safety and with a reach that stretches just as global as a ships mission. Damen Schelde Marine Services (DSMS) – a member of the Damen Shipyards Group – and Maritime Logistics have entered a cooperation with Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology to develop and deploy a logistics and service network for Nedstack maritime hydrogen fuel cell technology.
Maritime Fuel Cell Technology Maritime hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Installations enable the transition towards zero-emission shipping by offering a clean process of electro-chemical power conversion using hydrogen as a fuel. The use of hydrogen fuel cell technology on board of vessels allows for operating with zero-emissions and still achieve acceptable ranges, endurance at sea, fast turn-around times and low weather sensitivity. Nedstack has been an early mover in the market for maritime fuel cell technology and is currently actively commercializing its portfolio of maritime PemGen Fuel Cell Power solutions.

“As we are moving away from demonstrators and pilots and we move towards commercial deployment of Maritime fuel cell power installations it becomes paramount to seamlessly integrate within existing service and support routines and organizations” says Roel van de Pas – Commercial Director of Nedstack – “Our partnership with DSMS provides strategic access to a network of warehouses in major ports, to all trading platforms of maritime spare parts components, but most importantly to a well-seasoned group of sales, logistics, and servicing professionals that are at home in the maritime ecosystem and capable of meeting pit-stop service agreement requirements”.
Service & Support Network DSMS maintains an international network of over a thousand customers, supplies to over 60 countries and ships over four thousand deliveries each calendar year. The DSMS logistics and service network provides access to warehouses in the Netherlands, Singapore and associated outlets in close proximity to other major global shipping and ship repair hubs.
“At DSMS we observe the great ambitions that have been pronounced at IMO level in decarbonizing the maritime industry. We want to enable this green transition by providing the service network that keeps such solutions running. ” say Arnold Suykerbuyk, Managing Director of DSMS. “The maritime ecosystem’s ambitions in reducing maritime related emission levels cannot be met by new built actions alone and require solutions on the aftermarket that can address the emission levels of existing fleets.

Cooperation Perspectives

The Nedstack-DSMS partnership serves to enable both new built opportunities with a global spare parts and service organization as well as to provide Zero-Emission retro fit upgrade packages. Talks are ongoing with leading shipowners on simultaneous development of zero-emission shipping solutions and their respective service organizations. Shipowners and shipyards interested in evaluating their zero-emission shipping opportunities are invited to get in touch to jointly pursue a future of zero-emission shipping.

About Nedstack (www.Nedstack.com)

Nedstack is a leading developer of PEM Fuel Cell Power Solutions with a strategic commitment to the mission critical and high-power domain. Nedstack has built worlds longest running PEM Power plant, worlds first MWe sized PEM power plant and worlds largest PEM power plant at the publication of release of this press release. Nedstack is committed to further built upon their leadership in long-life high-power PEM Fuel cells to enable zero-emission shipping.

About Damen Schelde Marine Services

Damen Schelde Marine Services (DSMS) is part of the Royal Dutch Schelde Group (founded 1875), as well as the DAMEN Shipyard Group (founded 1927). DSMS is a successor of the Schelde Engine Factory where over 70 years Sulzer (New Sulzer Diesel / Wartsila, now WING&D) engines have been manufactured. Over the last 30 years DSMS has developed to become an independent, successful and profitable international value-added supply chain specialist of maritime engines and engine parts.